Revolutionary Garden Society provides mutual support to groups and individuals making radical social change with a focus on anti-authoritarian and non-hierarchical struggles through direct support, community involvement, and education. Our goals center on creating more self-reliant, more inter-connected communities.


RGS is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation incorporated under the laws of California. Our Internal Revenue Service federal tax ID is 26-2842259.

RGS is a not-for-profit cooperative venture based in Santa Cruz, California. RGS is collectively organized and makes decisions through consensus. Funding is through grassroots sources and non-governmental grants.


The Revolutionary Garden Society is organized on a collective model. Members of the collective provides continuity, guidance, decision-making, and inspiration. While everyone within the cooperative gravitates toward the roles they fit best, RGS has no general manager. Individual initiatives are spearheaded and bottom-lined by individuals within the steering group. Relationships and roles are fluid. Public relations, finance, recruiting, and funding are individual and on-going initiatives bottom-lined by collective members.

For the purposes of California state rules of incorporation as a non-profit, the roles of chief executive office, secretary, and treasurer, rotate every two years.


RGS does not solicit donations from government or corporations. Private individuals, privately-owned companies, and foundation grants provide funding for our organization. RGS has 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation status with the state of California and tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions to RGS or any of its programs are tax deductible.


RGS is based in Santa Cruz, California.