When evaluating requests for support, we look at the following criteria:
  1. Do we support the mission of the organization, project, or individual?
  2. Is the organization or project viable, stable, and responsible?
  3. Do we have the resources to help?
  4. Is the risk acceptable to us?
  5. Does it provide resources, opportunities, and support for our own projects?
  6. Does the group adequately understand our expectations and requirements?

Support for Mission

We support projects similarly working to create a free society. Projects struggling for social justice, civil rights and civil liberties, freedom from want and freedom of expression. Projects fighting against oppression, hierarchy, and injustice. Additionally we support groups with anti-authoritarian and grassroots structures.


We support projects who’s efforts and organization are worthwhile and sustainable. We look at the stability and workability of a group’s structure and mission. We may offer organizational and logistical support in order to help a group achieve firmer footing before we provide material support.

Availability of Resources

We support projects who’s need matches resources and expertise we have available. In helping others, we want to make a significant contribution in a substantive way. So we will help groups most in need and whose need is most closely aligned to our ability to help.

Connection and Networking

We support projects who help in our mission to build a strong network of individuals and groups fighting for social justice and against oppression and authority. This includes projects working to explicitly organize network, community, and neighborhood support for anti-authoritarian efforts. This also includes projects for which our support builds better connections for our own efforts.

Mutual Aid

We support projects that provide reciprocal support that helps us in turn accomplish our mission. This mutual aid can take the form of resources, opportunities, connections, goodwill, and material support for our own projects.


Lastly, we are doing this for love. The joy of working with others, of sharing inspiration, and feeling helpful in this world. The transformative power of choosing to make our world a better place. We support groups with whom we share that joy.